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Omega Replica, a Swiss watchmaker, have combined their expertise to create the Classic Fusion Aerofusion Chronograph Orlinski. This brings to life Richard Orlinski's graphic universe. This watch has a new design that plays with reflections and angles. The watch's facets and ridges reflect one another, from the bezel to the case, to the push buttons and to the hands.

To celebrate their union, the sculptor chose Miami and two special venues in the Design District. The Hublot boutique is where the artist's work will be on display, and the Markowicz Fine Arts gallery. Along with other well-known names such as Maxime Buchi and Lapo Elkann, Pele and Lang Lang, Bar Refaeli or Usain Bolt, the world's most popular contemporary French artist is now a member of the Hublot family.

Richard Orlinski: "The fusion between our two universes, that of Hublot, who takes precious materials and creates exceptional products, as well as my bright world of colour inspired from Pop Art, came about quite spontaneously.

The omega replica sculpture is original, bold, and intriguing. It tells the time. Its unique structure is bevelled and shaped by the contemporary French artist, who is the best-known contemporary artist in the world. The case's three-dimensional shape required a complete redesign of its construction. Its facets were extended to fit the contours of each bezel. "- Ricardo Guadalupe CEO, Hublot.

You have probably seen Richard OrlinskiĄ¯s brightly colored Pop Art-style multi-facetted beasts before. His enormous "Wild Kong", gorilla sculpture at Cannes' Croisette, and his crocodiles outside Miami Design District, to the 5-metre tall bear on Courchevel's snowy slopes.

Omega Replica Sale Online is always up for new challenges and creates sculptures by making them look like diamonds. Richard Orlinski created the Classic Fusion Aerofusion Chronograph with 12 iconic facets. These facets are just like the ones that decorate a watch's dial. The artist, who is renowned for his exceptional skills, has created a watch that combines vintage and futurist styles. Richard Orlinski uses the watch's hand as a metaphor for the future. It never stops turning and represents infinity.

Hublot and the contemporary artist were inspired by the same attention and motivated by the same passion. They created a unique creation that pushes the boundaries of traditional watchmaking skills. It is a creation that makes time a work or art and art an expression of it. Two new models of the Classic Fusion Aerofusion Chronograph Orlinski are available. One is in titanium, and one in blue ceramic. This watch is a 45mm piece of art that can be worn on the wrist.

The dial of the Hublot x Richard Orlinski watch has been made in sapphire crystal. Additionally, the crown, crown and push buttons have the facets.

High Quality Omega Replica faced a significant challenge with Richard Orlinski's visionary design. The three-dimensional folding structure of Richard Orlinski had to be modelled before the titanium and ceramic were cut. Mirror polishing is one of Orlinski's most recognizable signatures.